Our Rules                                                                                                                                                             

Simple Rules of Organization:-

Organization does not take any types of extra money or caution’s money accepts training fees and written other fee which is prescribed fee submitting column.

For the practical all material will be provide in the class as the organization rules.

After taking admission, the admission fee and training fee will not be returned but if the student need training again in future than balance fee will be paid by him/her for the training After showing the earlier training fee deposit receipts.

If the fees will not deposit within three months of taking admission than the admission will be rejected.

After taking the admission in one course if the student wants to take admission in another course then he has to fill another form and pay admission fee.

Any type of fees will not be transferred to other student and also will not be transfer in other course.

After present in class of one course you should be submit admission fee and training fee for transfer in other course.

The sum of contract amount in any condition will not be returned and this type of the student can study later but the fees will be charge latest session.

The failed students in the last examination deposit the admission fee and he/she can do one month revision course.

The student of last month training course can apply for teacher apprentice training. The institute will give teachers training without any charges.

At time of training if the student want long leave for other examination then the student produce the application for the left course the institute give chance to complete it. In condition running month fees should be deposit.


Every student has to fill the semester Examination form every month to conducting monthly exam.

If any student in any condition has left their semester exam then he can apply and fill up the form for next monthly examination. Student can give the back month semester examination.


Semester wise obtained marks will be count in final examination So give the semester exam as in part of the final examination.

Keep the class work notebook neat & clean because the class work notebook will get the marks also.

Viva is the part of final examination so it is beneficial to note down the miner minute work on the class in the notebook.

The media of the examination is Hindi or English only.

To sit in the final examination the training period should be complete. It is necessary to attested with the student application form, photo.

The student from the examination can fill the form again with the examination fee to make appear himself in the examination.

After the final examination result will be open in a month than student can apply for scotany. If the number become increased in the scot any than exam money will be referred but in any condition examine number.


For passing every examination to get 60% marks in every subjects must be compulsory the final exam number and the semester exam marks will be total and division will be given form 60 to 69% will be counted marks is third division, form 72 to 79% of marks will be counted second division and above 80% marks will be count in first division, In the final examination the student obtained more than 90% marks will be awarded as a dictation.

If any complaint regarding the exam or training can be lodge to the principle even if not proper response than to examination department or right without name and address complaint can not be lodge and no action will be taken.