Advance Chip Level Printer Repairing                                                               DURATION- 3 MONTHS


                      Introduction of Printer (DMP Printer, Colour Printer, Laser Printer):::

DMP Printer:

1. Classification of DMP Printer.

2. Different sections of DMP Printer Its details & Identification.

3. Interface Section.

4. Repairing of Printer.

5. Testing of Printer(Self Test or Test by computer )

6. Block diagram of DMP Printer and its description.

7. Layout of DMP Printer, Paper sensor, Home Sensor, Front Panel Led Indicator, Carriage motor Driver, Paper feed motor drive, Print Head driver, Power Supply.

8. Description of 24 V and 5 V power supply, CPU and DIP switch, GATE Array, RAM, ROOM Pins details.

9. Fault finding of DMP Printer.

Colour Printer

10. Function of Colour Printer.

11. Block Diagram of Colour Printer and Its Description.

12. Types of Colour Printer.

13. Different Sections of Inkjet printer, Thermal Process, Print head, Motor Sensor, Caping Locking, wiping, Splitting, Mechanism of Inkjet Printer & Detail.

14. Cartridge Refilling of Colour Printer.

15. Fault finding of Inkjet Printer.

Laser Printer

16. Function Laser Printer.

17. Block diagram of Laser Printer and its Process.

18. Image Formation(Cleaning to fusing Process).

19. Electronic section of Laser Printer(Formater PCA and DC Controller).

20. Mechanical section of Laser Printer( Paper feeding , Motor Solenoid).

21. Working of power supply stage.

23. Fault finding of Laser Printer.

All in one Printer

24. Introduction of all in one Printer.

25. Printing Technology, Catridge Maintenance, Scanner Technology, Resolution function keys and operating Menu, Working of different sections of all in one printer.

26. Working of Power supply Stage.

27. Block Diagram of ALL IN ONE Printer.

28. Working of different sections of all in one printer ( PWM Regulator and Motor Driver, Control Panel Circuit, RAM and ROM stage, Voice codec Stage, FAX Modem Stage, Line side stage, DC Power Control Stage, Audio Controller stage, Encoder signal Inverter stage, Print Head catridge Controller Stage, Microprocessor Stage).

29. All connector Detail, Mechanism of ALL IN ONE Printer and details.

30. Fault finding of All IN ONE Printer.

31. Refilling.